Escape The Reality

“It was that time of the year, when Anne had underperformed in all her entrance exams for higher education and also, lost her dearer uncle, who was everything for her. Maybe someone who was more than her parents. Anne was grieving over losing her uncle with the feelings of uncertain future due to her fruitless exam attempts. She was traumatized and frustrated. Her present was filled with big pool of emotions where she couldn't find a run away.

She whimpered with all these thoughts while lying on her bed. She felt as if those situations were huge demons standing before her. She wanted to break off from it. At that point, she felt like escaping from the situations of her reality. Eventually, while all this going through her mind, Anne close her teary eyes and went into a deep sleep.

Anne was now, into a complete different world; Away from her worse reality. She literally forgot all her sorrows and saw herself as a queen of that world. The skies had fishes and sea creatures swimming with the rising waves of clouds appearing as if that of oceans. The walls had bluish-green lustrous butterflies flying giving out a vibe of positivity. The city was luxuriant with magnificent trees and flowers. With every step, Anne walked on the road, bloomed sparkling orange and pink wildflowers. The warmness of dawned sun was present in air. A boundless silence reigned all over that world. That silence was filled with tranquility and rejuvenation.

With this reinvigoration, Anne was full of joy and optimism. She walked with this bliss and reached a point to see, that the land below her, had ended. And right before her eyes, was a wondrous scene which seemed simple yet mystical, strange yet consistent, perceptible yet infinite. It was a vast spectral wooded, verdant and sparkling greenish blue valley surrounded by dark ether and stars of universe. The universe was shimmering with a fall of eye-catching flowers all around radiating zeal and hope. Anne was spellbind with this mind stimulating experience and felt deep peace within her.

But soon, the world before her started to fade. The valleys, universe, flowers, everything folded into a dwindled vanishing light. When she opened her eyes in a stupor, all she could see was return to her unfortunate reality. But maybe, now with a different perspective to deal with it!”

Sometimes, Life is full of hardships and conflicts. So, escaping from such situations for some time is a good way to revive energy and mental peace.

People often read books, watch movies, meditate, sleep, play sport or travel to feel a bit relaxed. Some people also imagine themselves to be happy in world created by their mind.

It’s completely normal to do all the above things. But then, what matters is how long your doing them?

If you think, your stressed reality is gonna fade by everytime escaping from it; Then that’s certainly not happening. Instead, you’ll be pushed to be unproductive and depressed.

It’s always important to face our reality and accept things as they are whatsoever the situation is. Embrace the journey rather than the consequences.

Still, in midst of all tension, it’s nice to step back for some time, whenever you can and get escape from reality for your mind’s vital sanctity. But, to also return to reality with a new standpoint to deal with.




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